Naresh Kumar; Freedom Seat

Naresh tells us about travelling over 10,000km on a tandem bicycle and the individuals that have joined him along the way.

TCRNo8 Route Preview

We spoke to our ambassadors and friends to find out what riders can expect from the route for TCRNo8.

Onboard the Transcontinental Race

Antonin Michaud-Soret explains the complexity of filming the Transcontinental Race for his film, Onboard the Transcontinental

Apidura + Condor Repairs Workshop

Celebrating the joy in creating something useful from something that might otherwise be thrown away.

A Hidden World and a Retractable Dog Leash

Scotti Lechuga tells us about setting the fastest known time on the Arkansas High Country Race route with her partner Ernie.

Perfect Balance

Jo Burt tells us about finding perfect balance and getting lost in the moments that come together to make a ride. 

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